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Cape Cod Tango Instructor Biographies

Marc Vanzwoll has been Cape Cod Tango's lead teacher since November, 2015. Before moving to Boston, Marc was quite active in the San Francisco tango community. He dealt with teacher scheduling and organized a number of events there, including classes, workshops, milongas, performances, and a tango festival. More recently he has designed and taught multiple tango workshops both in Boston and New York. In 2015 he was honored to be chosen to co-teach several workshops with Birgitta Winkler at the International Queer Tango Festival in Berlin, Germany. Marc is a skilled tango dancer, able to dance both the leader and follower roles. He firmly believes that it is important for leaders to understand the requirements of following and for followers to understand the requirements of leading. As a result, he regularly has students shift roles. Marc has also served Cape Cod Tango as its Curriculum Coordinator. The curriculum is planned so that a student who regularly attends classes over the course of a year will be exposed to all the major elements of tango as well as its companion dances, tango vals and milonga. Marc has a rich network of friends in the Boston tango teaching community. He strongly believes that students benefit from exposure to multiple different teaching viewpoints, and he has invited a stellar array of Boston based teachers to teach on Cape Cod alternating with him every other month. Teachers who have been here in 2016 and 2017 include the following:

Hsueh-tze Lee, known for her musicality and innovative approach, teaches Argentine Tango across North America and internationally.  She holds a doctorate in physiology from Harvard University, and won a teaching award as a Harvard Teaching Fellow.  Formerly a biology professor at Wellesley College, Hsueh-tze became one of the first professional North American tango instructors. She is a life-long dancer and one of North America's tango pioneers since 1990. Hsueh-tze has travelled to Buenos Aires annually since 1998.  She draws inspiration from her extensive experience dancing with milongueros there, especially at many of the classic milongas of the early days of tango's current revival (e.g., Pavadita, Almagro, Regin, Canning, Sin Rumbo, etc.).  Hsueh-tze is equally adept at both leading and following, with 26 years of experience dancing both roles.  She has taught throughout the US, and also in Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico and Buenos Aires.  In her classes, Hsueh-tze integrates her knowledge of dance, physiology, and biomechanics to focus on quality of movement, musical communication and improvisation. Hsueh-tze hosts and DJs Blue Milonga, the popular second Saturday milonga in Boston. Hsueh-Tze was our instructor in April and October, 2016. Her focus was on Tango Waltz both months. Hsueh-tze will assume the role of Advisor for Cape Cod Tango beginning in the Summer of 2017.

Adriana Pinto fell in love with tango in 1997 when she lived in Brazil.  When she moved to Boston she found many opportunities to study the dance and the music. She has been organizing  milongas, teaching and DJing for 10 years in the Boston area. She has DJ'd at various milongas and festivals in Montreal, Amsterdam, Denver, Portland, Maine, and Buenos Aires.  Adriana is the hostess of the "La Pichuca" milonga in Boston on the first, third, and fifth Friday of each month. One of Adriana's special loves in tango is the fast light hearted dance called Milonga. (note that a tango social gathering is called a Milonga. There is also a particular dance called Milonga that can be danced at a Milonga.) Adriana is very skilled at both leading and following in this dance. Adriana was on Cape Cod in both March and December 2016 sharing her love of dancing milonga with all of us.

Pamela Slavsky has been teaching social dance since 2001.  She has taught at a number of universities in the Boston area and has been teaching classes for the MIT Argentine Tango Club since 2007.  She created and developed dance programs in Metro West Boston and Providence, Rhode Island and has been invited to teach workshops in Tango and the Alexander Technique at festivals in and around New England. Pamela is a certified instructor of the Alexander Technique and a member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT). She is also a Kripalu certified yoga instructor. In her dance instruction, Pamela seeks to preserve the interactive dynamics unique to social dance through concepts drawn from somatic and mindfulness practices. She uses these techniques in combination with traditional learning methods to provide her students with a dance foundation as rooted in body consciousness and enjoyment as it is in technical proficiency. Pamela was Cape Cod Tango's very first instructor five years ago and was last here in June, 2016

Hernan Brizuela and Anita Flejter were our teachers in August, 2016. Hernan, a native of Mendoza, Argentina, has been dancing tango since he was ten years old. In New York City, his first and most influential teacher was Cesar Coelho of the famous tango show "Forever Tango." He has since studied with many other tango greats. Hernan has taught and performed at various festivals, milongas, and studios worldwide, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and Argentina. He was a principal dancer in the off-Broadway dance play "Let's Speak Tango," and choreographed and starred in the short film "Gardenias," and has performed in numerous other productions. His dance partner and wife, Anita Flejter, was born in Poland. She competed and performed in ballroom dance for a number of years in Europe, but fell in love with Argentine Tango when she moved to New York. She, too, has since studied with many of tango's greats. Together Hernan and Anita are co-founders and co-owners of Ultimate Tango Dance School, Adelante Studios, and, in New York City, Stepping Out Studios.

Guillermo Merlo and his wife and partner, Fernanda Ghi, have been deeply involved with Argentine tango for over twenty years.  In 1999 they took first place in the World Argentine Tango Championship held in Miami, FL.  Guillermo was a 1998 TONY Award Nominee for his choreography of the Broadway hit “Forever Tango.” Fernanda and Guillermo are in demand for performances worldwide, and have headlined numerous tango and dance festivals.  They were the first non Asians to be asked to perform onstage at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.   They have conceived, produced, choreographed, and starred in multiple tango stage shows, offering a new version of the very successful show “Tango Dreams” each year for eight years.  Their latest show, seen in Boston last year, was a reinterpretation of the opera Carmen, called Carmen de Buenos Aires.  It synthesized both tango and flamenco dancing.  A few years ago they founded the Artango Dance School in Boston for the teaching of Argentine Tango. Guillermo was our instructor during February, 2017